About Us

iDigizen’s "Learn for Fun" in a "Fun to learn" approach clubbed with it’s integrated learning profile builder is your lifelong companion. With its multifold offerings iDigizen is your go to place for exploring, building, developing, enhancing, learning, growing and safe-keeping of your achievements that help you chisel a ‘Holistic YOU’.

HobiSpot@iDigizen, an 'all-age' learning portal connects you to trainers to foster your holistic development from the comfort of your home at the time of your choosing. Alongside, Logit@iDigizen records all your achievements to build an integrated digital profile.


HobiSpot's mantra is to “Explore, Develop and Grow” ; using this unique platform you can experiment, develop and grow, to realize your unique and highest potential.

HobiSpot is your "Personalized Learning Studio" offering LIVE and interactive sessions over a wide range of activities like, Music, Art, Dance, Foreign Languages, Fitness, Cooking & Baking, Personality Development, Coding, Mental mathematics, Rubik’s Cube, Chess etc., from the comfort of your home at the time of your choosing.

It is also a platform to enable trainers and teachers to spread their reach while preserving their unique teaching methodologies, content and style.

Logit (Patent Pending) :

Learning records are one of the most valuable assets that we collect from our early years. Safe keep and access to learning records is needed for different walks of life ranging from nursery school admissions to higher education to moving up the corporate ladder. Logit offers a service for safekeeping and verification of all the learning records, helps you become holistic citizens of today’s digital world (“Holistic iDigizener”).


Performing Art- Music

Music & Movement helps in mind-body coordination, social-engagement, improvises memory, builds self-expression, confidence and social skills. With a plethora of options in Vocals ranging from Indian to Western, Hindustani Classical to Bollywood, we offer Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion instruments, too.
A range of trainers offering different levels and teaching styles ensures that you fuel your interest in a fun-learning experience. The learner can start the journey at any and every age. Come, explore and enjoy !

Performing Art-Dance

Dance is music & rhythm in movement and a very effective tool to enjoy and enhance mind-body balance, self-expression and confidence.
Tracing back its existence to pre-historic era, dance has always been an important part of ceremonies, rituals, celebrations and entertainment.
So, ‘Dance like no one’s watching’, and get started and deep-dive into the sea of movement. From trendy grooves of Bollywood, Bhangra, Zumba, Modern or Contemporary style to the Classical Artistry of Kathak, Bharatnatyam and Odissi, we have it all covered for you! Just explore and enjoy !

Visual Art - Art & Craft

Art helps in developing unique problem-solving skills, sharpens decision making, enhances visual memory & dexterity, helps excel gross & fine motor skills that leads to boost in self-confidence and expression.
Creating multitude of offerings that are designed to attain all the above & more, courses in - Calligraphy, Doodling, Drawing & Sketching, Puppet Making, Canvas Painting, Oil Painting, Glass Painting, Origami etc. are a perfect start for enthusiastic learners of all age-groups and skill levels. Just explore and enjoy !

Chess, Logic & Reasoning

Known as a strategy tool for over centuries now, chess is a game of logic and benchmark of genius. It helps improve critical thinking aptitude, develops abstract & creative thinking, problem-solving and logic & reasoning capabilities. Learn online from beginner to master level, with our range of trainers, as they take you on a guided learning journey from basic concepts, to opening principles, winning the game with strategy, checkmate moves, capturing pieces through till end game. So whether you are a novice or a pro, get started, explore and enjoy NOW!

Life Skills

Baking, cooking, gardening, basic house-keeping, home decoration or just some simple DIY ideas for better living, whatever may be your pursuit or passion, we love to fuel and hone it, so you make the most out of life. Just explore and enjoy!

Foreign Languages

Enhanced listening skills, cognitive thinking, sharpened memory, critical thinking, concentration or ability to multitask , the study of foreign languages gives you an immediate competitive advantage. Be it for the joy of learning, professional development or your passion for travel and explore new cultures and connect with new people. You can get started with any of our beginner, intermediate or advanced levels in any Foreign language and add a newer facet to your personality. Just explore and enjoy!

Fitness & Well-Being

Gift yourself a healthy lifestyle and fit body, as you take-up from our fitness & well-being offerings. You can either ‘dance it all away’ with Zumba or Aerobics or strengthen up with Cardio and rigorous training, just make your choice and shape-up! Explore and start enjoying it!

Robotics & Coding

In 2030, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will touch 800 Million jobs. Yes, this is an unfathomable future, however one which is on the brim and will sure be a reality. Making you ready for this ‘soon to be’ present, our Robotics & Coding courses are designed to create logic, structure, sequence and algorithm so you build critical thinking skills, develop logical and computational thinking, and achieve an immediate edge over others in analytical thinking and teamwork.
Learn in an interactive and fun environment, so it doesn't become another ‘information download’, but a creative process instead, which is both deliberate and enjoyable. Come aboard and join the ‘future leaders club’. Begin your exploration and start enjoying, NOW!

English & Creative Writing

Creative writing with an effective use of a language, surges your ability to translate imagination into words. It further helps in developing a perspective and ‘own voice’. Allowing an artistic self-expression and builds a positive self-image. Literally ‘giving wings to your imagination’, creative writing can help release happiness hormones, which can have a visible positive impact on your mental, emotional and physical well-being.
Thought clarification, building empathy, strengthened communication skills, ability to see things from different vantage points, articulation, immaculate vocabulary & grammar, all this and more Unleash your creative capacity and begin your exploration NOW!

Communication Skills & Personality Development

If traced in history ‘human communication’ goes as far back as 500,000 BCE, one of the most primate needs ‘communication and social interaction’ is all about clearly and effectively putting your thoughts and ideas across the other. With the Advent and ongoing advancements in technology, a critical impact has been created on human sociology. While the outreach of thoughts are at a lightening speed, but ‘Communication or the real message’ is completely missing.
Moving back to basics, our curated courses in this category helps you dive deep into, what lies beneath all ‘Human Communication’, the said vs. unsaid, verbal vs. non-verbal, personal vs. professional and how this can help you spearhead a discussion towards desired goals or outcomes. Further, it helps build trusting relationships, expectation management, emotional quotient, which equips to develop holistically. Leading from the front, public speaking, effective speech, voice modulation, improved presentation & oratory skills etc., are some of the visible outcomes that you can expect to achieve, from this range of courses. Begin your exploration and start enjoying, NOW!