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About Hobispot

An ‘all-age’ platform, Hobispot caters to your multidisciplinary learning requirements. Constantly creating exciting learning opportunities for kids, adults and learners across age-groups to take on the journey of self-exploration. Hobispot helps in honing talents & skills and furthers interest & hobbies that help you build an improved version of yourself or simply unlock your highest hidden potential.

Offering a plethora of after-school and extracurricular activities across the genres of Music, Art, Dance, Foreign Languages, Fitness, Cooking & Baking, Personality Development, Self-Expression, Coding, Mental Maths, Rubik’s Cube, Chess etc. each course is designed to suit the your aptitude, interest, talent and skill-set.

‘Explore, Develop and Grow’, is our motto at Hobispot. Through the new-age, fun-learning, LIVE and interactive sessions we ensure that your learning happens at a pace and style that best matches YOU. So you enjoy the process as much as the outcomes !