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About Logit

Learning a constant human endeavor is a fun filled journey marked with goals and celebrations. Certificates, medals and trophies collected in this learning journey are a testament to our accomplishments. In today’s world every institution and organisation is looking to assess the Holistic profile of an individual to find the right fit. Be it for a kid or a college student or a successful professional, it is paramount that all the accolades and achievements are available for easy access and verification. This is not just limited to college degrees or board examinations, every participation certificate, every well-done card and every appreciation email is an essential piece to help stitch a Holistic learner profile.

Logit with a mission, “Log It to Do It”, is the starting point for every individual to record, safe-keep and share their achievements. It helps everyone map their learning journey from early years to on-going learning and growth that spans our entire life. Logit is the solution to all the scrambling that happens when we need to find a range of medals, certificates, school achievement and other activity records, for a college application or a job interview or for moving up the corporate ladder. iProfile created by Logit, is your personal verified digital profile highlighting your development and growth.

“Log It to Do It” also encourages and motivates you to strive further and develop yourself on your learning journey, while maintaining tabs on your development and ambition setting. A platform to celebrate, share, rejoice and enjoy your achievements with friends and family, this is the place to create goals and safe-keep their accolades. Whatever maybe your mission; personal success, societal upliftment or helping others; Logit is your record keeper to share, celebrate and inspire others through your accomplishments.