Our Team

A passionate team of professionals, iDigizen is meeting the forces from the world of Education, Technology, Medicine, Retail, Marketing, Brand & Communication and its this diversity that marks its core-strength. Possessing a collective experience of over 120+ years, all the founding members in individual and corporate capacities, have aced many leadership roles & functions across the sectors of - Education & Development, Artificial Intelligence, Academics, Data Science, Data Analytics, Computer Engineering, Medicine and Marketing etc.

Bringing forward an entrepreneurial & philanthropic streak, the team is committed to create a future ready generation of thought leaders, global learners & citizens who will be able to take up the opportunities and challenges of the world, as it will then exist. Investing in social, ethical, emotional and creative dispositions of today’s learner, the team aims to contribute towards every individual's learning & growth, by offering a platform that is real-time with a multitude of opportunities for holistic development.