Education Trends: Leap Forward & Challenges

Online education has come to maturity with the challenges faced by the world in 2020. Instructor led, live online sessions have gained significant maturity and widespread acceptance for a range of education requirements. Last year’s challenges have created a need and an opportunity for developing a symbiotic partnership between the school, offering conventional structure and nurturing, augmented by an online platform to provide unlimited learning opportunities free from the constraints of physical availability of the instructors.

HobiSpot@iDigizen offering a wide range of live online experiential learning courses from a breadth of trainers is your partner in this endeavor to leapfrog India’s education system forward. It’s unique online delivery platform with integrated calendar and schedule management, seamless trainer-student communication and recording of live classes for revisions makes it an ideal supplement to your school’s offering. It’s an operationally and financially effective partner eliminating the need of up-front recruitment, training and retention. The online delivery also enables the school to offer additional optional courses and programs to its students beyond the regular school hours, thus enabling students to develop their special interests which go above and beyond the curriculum.

iProfile ™ An Integrated Learner profile

School plays a pivotal role in the learning journey and grooming of the students enabling them to pursue excellence and brilliance not just on-campus but also off-campus. With multi-faceted development a lot of learning will happen outside the school campus through the initiatives of the parents and the student. This trend presents a unique opportunity for education visionaries and pioneers to lead the change of incorporating, highlighting and advertising the off-campus accolades of their students and incorporate them to showcase and highlight the achievements of their respective institutions.

iProfile, an integrated profile, encompassing all aspects of the learner’s journey including on-campus achievements, off-campus pursuits and other social contributions, represents the holistic development profile. A school’s view to this iProfile of its students will serve as a key instrument for institutions to highlight and advertise the achievements of themselves and their students.

Logit @iDigizen is the iProfile builder and it enables the school to have a view into the learner’s accolades. enabling the school to celebrate the achievements of its students irrespective of where they are achieved. Logit provides the school a systematic bi-directional communication medium to upload the on-campus achievements to the student’s profile and pull a comprehensive (on and off-campus) achievements view of its students. Logit’s on-cloud secure data management ensures integrity and safety of all the uploaded data. Data privacy and the viewership of uploaded data to others is at all time in complete control of the student.